Based in Antioch, California, Monsam Enterprises has the most extensive line of Portable Science Lab Sinks in the world. Since our products are manufacturer direct, right here in the USA, we are able to offer excellent product quality at affordable prices. Making things even better, all of our Portable Science Lab Sinks come with a one year limited manufacturer's warranty. We can ship directly to any location in the United States and Canada when you want!

We aim to help our customers save money and get the best available products for their school and college labs for their money. Call today for guaranteed low prices and excellent shipping rates!

Are looking for portable science lab sinks for your school or college? You are at the right place, just browse our extensive range of portable science lab sinks to find the perfect product for your needs!

How A Portable Science Lab Sink Works:

Simply fill the Fresh Water Tank with clean water and plug in the electric cord. When you turn the faucet handle the pump forces Hot or Cold water through the faucet. Unused water in the sink drains into the Waste Water Tank.

Why choose MONSAM Science Lab Portable Sinks?

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE: We design and build more Portable Sinks for school  & college science labs than any other manufacturer. NSF CERTIFICATION: Choose from any of our 7 NSF certified models.
PRODUCT INTEGRITY: We use the best materials available and employ highly skilled craftsmen. CUSTOM DESIGNS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: We’ll work with you to produce a Portable Science Lab Sink that will meet the requirements of the most challenging environment.
PRODUCT QUALITY: We utilize a 30 point Quality Checklist for every Sink we build. Each portable sink is inspected twice!

LARGEST COLOR SELECTION: You can choose from 5 Colors as well as a wood grain finish.

LARGEST SELECTION: We offer more than 40 different models for portable sinks for school,college science lab. With all the available options, you can choose from more than 15,000 unique combinations.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We back up our products with a 12 month limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our staff is standing by to serve you. TOLL FREE NUMBER FOR TECHNICAL SERVICE: Have a Service question? Simply call our Toll Free Number (877) 281-5556 and a Service Tech will answer your question while you are on the line.

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Over 14 years in the industry as a global leader in manufacturing portable science lab sinks for school and colleges , we have models for virtually any imaginable need. However, if your needs are so particular and our current product line doesn't meet your specific needs, we can custom-design a model specifically for you.